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Allow your customer to contact you via WhatsApp chat button - Squadkin Shopify app. This WhatsApp chat button allows user to contact you and help them to solve their purchase query and make purchase faster.

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Key Features of WhatsApp Chat Button Squadkin

> 3 Different Layout.

3 Different layouts for the whatsapp chat button.

> Fully Customizations

Fully customizations are available in colors, images, placements, and designs.

> Solve Users Query

Helps your customers to solve their query regarding the purchase, Helps to increase AOV and CRO of the stoer.

> No Limitations

No design limitations in the app.

> Analytics Tracking

App provides analytics tracking with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Analytics.

> 24x7 Live Chat

24 x 7 live chat support for every merchant.

About WhatsApp Chat Button Squadkin

Engaging with your customers is crucial for building trust and increasing sales. With the "WhatsApp Chat Button Squadkin" app for Shopify, you can add a WhatsApp chat button to your store, allowing customers to message you directly with any questions or concerns. Here’s a detailed look at the features of our app and how they can benefit your store.

> Add WhatsApp Chat Button to Your Online Store

Make it easy for your customers to reach you with a WhatsApp chat button on your store. This button provides a direct line of communication, so customers can easily ask about your products, services, return policies, or order status.

  • Direct Contact: Allow customers to reach out directly, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing their trust in your store.
  • Quick Responses: Provide instant support and answer queries in real-time, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

> Fully Customizable Button

Our app offers complete customization options for the WhatsApp chat button. You can tailor the button to fit your store’s design and branding perfectly.

  • Colors and Images: Choose colors that match your store’s theme and add custom images to the button.
  • Placement: Position the button anywhere on your store to ensure it’s easily accessible for customers.
  • Design Options: Customize the design to make the button stand out or blend in, depending on your preference.

> Pre-filled Messages for Easy Customer Interaction

You can set up pre-filled messages that customers can use to start a conversation with just one click. This feature saves time and makes it easier for customers to contact you.

  • Convenience: Customers don’t have to type out their questions, making it quicker for them to get in touch.
  • Guided Communication: Direct the conversation by pre-filling the message with common inquiries or greetings.

> Three Different Layout Designs

Choose from three different layout designs for the WhatsApp chat button. This flexibility allows you to pick a design that best fits your store’s look and feel.

  • Variety: Select from multiple layouts to find the one that suits your store’s aesthetic.
  • Flexibility: Change the layout anytime to refresh the look of your store or match new design themes.

> No Limitation in Design

There are no restrictions on how you can design the WhatsApp chat button. Whether you want a simple, understated button or a bold, eye-catching one, our app lets you create the perfect design.

  • Unlimited Creativity: Customize the button without any limitations to ensure it meets your specific needs.
  • Adaptability: Easily adjust the design as your store evolves or during special promotions and events.

> Conclusion

The "WhatsApp Chat Button Squadkin" app for Shopify is an essential tool for improving customer communication and enhancing their shopping experience. By adding a fully customizable WhatsApp chat button to your store, you can provide instant support, answer queries in real-time, and build stronger relationships with your customers.

With features like pre-filled messages, three different layout designs, and no limitations on customization, our app offers a seamless way to integrate direct messaging into your store. Start using the WhatsApp Chat Button Squadkin app today and give your customers an easy and convenient way to reach you, improving their overall experience and boosting your sales.

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