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Squadkin product reviews app - A Shopify product reviews app allows users to add product reviews with photos, videos, and UGC. Helps to increase sales, increase SEO, and Trust badges.

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Key Features of Product Reviews - Squadkin

> Manual Review Request

Improve your Shopify store through proactive customer review requests, increasing customer engagement, and effortlessly driving sales.

> Automated Review Requests

Efficiently enhance your Shopify store by utilizing Automated Review Requests to collect customer feedback seamlessly, building trust and increasing sales.

> Reply to Reviews

Interact with your customers by responding to reviews, demonstrating gratitude, and resolving issues to establish trust and strengthen loyalty.

> Real-time Review Notifications

Receive immediate Real-time Review Notifications to stay updated and effectively handle customer feedback as it occurs.

> Bulk Import/Export

Efficiently oversee your feedback using Bulk Import/Export, saving time and ensuring smooth data management for your store.

> Verified Reviews

Establish credibility through Verified Reviews to cultivate trust and enhance authenticity for your store.

> Discounts on Reviews

Encourage feedback by offering discounts for reviews, benefiting customers and increasing engagement for your store.

> Discount Reminder

Maximize savings with Email Reminders, prompting customers to utilize their discounts for enhanced shopping experiences on your store.

About Product Reviews - Squadkin

> Introducing Our Cutting-Edge Multilingual Product Review App

Welcome to our advanced multilingual product review app for the frontend, specially crafted to elevate your online store into a center of customer interaction and trust. Equipped with a range of innovative features, our app guarantees the seamless capture and presentation of customer feedback in a compelling and visually appealing manner, ultimately enhancing conversion rates and bolstering your store's credibility.

> Automated Review Request

A standout aspect of our app is its capability to schedule automated review request emails immediately upon order placement. This means that customers will promptly receive a notification to share their feedback post-purchase. This automated approach ensures a consistent collection of valuable customer feedback without the need for manual intervention. For those who prefer a hands-on approach, our app also supports manual review requests, enabling personalized prompts to be sent at your convenience.

> Visual Reviews With Photos

In today's digital landscape, visuals play a crucial role. Our app enables customers to submit reviews accompanied by photos, adding an element of authenticity and allure to the feedback. Reviews with real-life product images are more likely to instill trust and influence potential buyers, aiding them in making informed purchasing decisions.

> Discount on Review Submission

To further incentivize customers to leave reviews, our app allows you to offer discounts in exchange for feedback. Particularly, discounts can be provided for reviews that include photos, providing an extra motive for customers to share their experiences visually. This approach not only increases the volume of reviews but also enhances the quality and utility of the feedback.

> Automated Discount Reminder Emails

Additionally, our app offers automated email reminders for customers who have earned discounts through their reviews. These reminders encourage customers to utilize their discounts, enticing them to return to your store for further purchases. By maintaining customer engagement and reminding them of their earned rewards, you enhance the probability of repeat business and cultivate customer loyalty.

> Customizable Widgets and Layouts

To ensure that your reviews seamlessly blend with your brand's identity, our app provides customizable widgets and a variety of layout options. Whether you lean towards a modern, sleek design or a more conventional layout, you can adjust the appearance of your review section to match your store's aesthetic. This customization extends to our email templates, enabling you to uphold consistent branding throughout all customer communications.

> Trust Badges for Credibility

Establishing trust is crucial for any online store. Our app offers trust badges that can be showcased on your product pages. These badges serve as a visual assurance of quality and reliability, reassuring potential customers and motivating them to make a purchase. Trust badges have been proven to considerably enhance conversion rates by alleviating buyer hesitancy.

> Google SEO Integration

Maximize your store's visibility with our robust Google SEO integration feature. By optimizing your reviews for search engines, our app contributes to enhancing your store's ranking in search results, consequently attracting more organic traffic. Additionally, our SEO-rich snippet functionality ensures that your reviews differentiate themselves in search results, drawing more clicks and potential customers.

> Effortless Review Import

Transferring reviews from other platforms can be daunting, but not with our app. We offer a seamless review import feature that simplifies the consolidation of feedback from various sources with just one click. This guarantees that you retain all valuable reviews during the transition to our platform, streamlining the process of managing all your reviews in one centralized location.

> Leveraging User-Generated Content (UGC)

Harness the potential of user-generated content by prominently showcasing it on your website. Our customizable widgets can exhibit reviews, photos, and other UGC in a manner that boosts your store's credibility and engages customers. UGC not only fosters trust but also cultivates a sense of community around your brand.

> Unlimited Review Requests

Our app presents unlimited review request capabilities, encompassing both automated and manual operations, ensuring that you can amass as much feedback as possible. Each email dispatched to customers can be tailored, enabling you to maintain a coherent brand voice and make the review request process more engaging and personalized.

> Enhance SEO with Rich Snippets

Our app bolsters SEO-rich snippets and Google product reviews, amplifying your store's digital footprint. These features elevate the visibility of your reviews in search engine results, heightening the chances of attracting potential customers and driving increased traffic to your website.

> In Conclusion

To conclude, our multilingual product review app for the frontend is a comprehensive solution meticulously crafted to enable you to harness the power of customer feedback and user-generated content. From automated review solicitations and adaptable layouts to SEO integration and trust badges, we offer a complete package to enhance your online store's credibility and bolster conversion rates. With additional features such as incentivizing reviews with discounts and automated discount reminder emails, you can further engage your customers and encourage repeat business. Explore the transformative impact of our app and unlock the full potential of your ecommerce venture in today's competitive market.

70K Product Reviews
40K Photo Reviews
6K App Installation
4K Increased CRO For Stores

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Product Reviews ‑ Squadkin
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Squadkin product reviews app - A Shopify product reviews app allows users to add product reviews with photos, videos, and UGC. Helps to increase sales, increase SEO, and Trust badges.

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