Squadkin Product FAQs With SEO

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The Product FAQ app adds FAQs with answers on your product page and other pages. It ensures that the customers are fed with an organized collection of relevant and valued product information.

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Key Features of Squadkin Product FAQs With SEO

> Unlimited FAQs.

Create unlimited FAQs to solves your customer's queries.

> Richtext Editor

Add table, images, paragraphs, links and many more things in the FAQs, with using the richtext editor.

> Setup Global FAQs

Create faq once and use them in all products with global FAQs feature.

> FAQs Page

Show FAQs on a separate page.

> Custom CSS

Design wishlist dashboard as per your store branding with using the custom css option.

> Advanced FAQs Pages

Create faqs and assign them on a page, and use theme on a separate pages.

> Rich snippets - SEO

The FAQs are created by you will be optimized with SEO and appear on google search when user search relevant to the FAQs or your store.

> Search FAQs

In separate page FAQs, User can search regarding the FAQs to find more information.

> 24x7 Live Chat

24 x 7 live chat support for every merchant.

About Squadkin Product FAQs With SEO

Running an e-commerce store means answering a lot of questions from customers. To make this easier, we’ve created a powerful FAQ app for Shopify that helps you provide clear and concise information directly to your customers. Here’s a look at how our app can help you keep your customers informed and happy.

> Add FAQs with Answers on Product Pages and Beyond

Our FAQ app lets you add frequently asked questions and their answers right on your product pages and other areas of your site. This way, customers can find the information they need without having to leave the page.

  • Product Page FAQs: Put FAQs directly on product pages to help customers find answers quickly and make informed decisions.
  • Flexible Placement: Add FAQs to any page on your site to ensure customers can get help wherever they are.

> Admin Management of FAQs

Managing FAQs is simple with our easy-to-use admin interface. You can keep your FAQs up-to-date with the latest information, ensuring customers always have access to accurate answers.

  • Rich Content Options: Enhance your FAQs with tables, images, links, and custom fonts to make them more informative and visually appealing.
  • Global FAQs: Create a set of FAQs that apply to all products or specific categories, ensuring consistency across your site.

> Unlimited FAQs

Our app allows you to create as many FAQs as you need. There are no limits, so you can cover every question your customers might have.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Address all potential questions, from shipping policies to product details, without worrying about limits.
  • Scalability: As your product range grows, you can continue to add new FAQs to support your expanding inventory.

> Separate Category-wise FAQs Page

We understand that organizing information is key. That’s why our app lets you create a dedicated FAQ page organized by categories, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

  • Organized Categories: Group FAQs by topics such as shipping, returns, product details, and more, so customers can find answers faster.
  • Improved Navigation: A well-structured FAQ page can reduce the time customers spend searching for answers, leading to a more satisfying shopping experience.

> Ultra-fast Search Bar on FAQs

Speed is crucial in providing a seamless user experience. Our app includes an ultra-fast search bar that allows customers to find answers quickly.

  • Instant Results: The search bar provides real-time suggestions as users type, helping them find relevant FAQs instantly.
  • Enhanced User Experience: A fast and efficient search function ensures customers can get the information they need without frustration, reducing bounce rates and improving overall satisfaction.

> SEO Rich Snippet for Google Search

Our app is designed with SEO in mind, providing rich snippets that enhance your search engine visibility.

  • Better Search Rankings: SEO-rich snippets can help your FAQs appear prominently in Google search results, driving more traffic to your site.
  • Increased Click-Through Rates: Enhanced visibility in search results can lead to higher click-through rates, bringing more potential customers to your store.

> New Feature: Create FAQs for Anywhere on the Site

We’ve just added a great new feature: now you can create FAQs that can be placed anywhere on your site, not just on product pages.

  • Versatile Placement: Place FAQs in blog posts, on the homepage, or in any section of your site where additional information might be beneficial.
  • Customized Support: Tailor the placement of FAQs to match your site’s layout and user needs, providing targeted support and information.

> Conclusion

Integrating our FAQ app into your Shopify store is a game-changer for customer service. By providing easy access to answers right where your customers need them, you can reduce cart abandonment and increase customer satisfaction.

With features like unlimited FAQs, categorized FAQ pages, ultra-fast search functionality, SEO-rich snippets, and the flexibility to place FAQs anywhere on your site, our app is a powerful tool for improving customer support and streamlining the shopping experience. Upgrade your Shopify store with our FAQ app today and see the difference it can make in helping your customers find the information they need quickly and easily.

40k Product FAQs Created
12k Custom FAQ Pages
6k App Installation
6k Current Merchants

Guide Center

Duplicate Theme

Duplicate live theme to create a backup copy since few snippets will automatically get created and added at your published theme during the installation process.

Rename your duplicate theme - This will help our experts locate your theme easily if it requires any further tweaking.

Set-up Product FAQ With Accordion

1. Go to Products from left side Menu and open the product where on which you want to add FAQs And Click on More Option from the top-right menu on the product and select Product FAQs With Accordion.

2. Click On Add New Question.

3. Add FAQ and Content/Answer. We Provide you a powerful Text editor with that you can add anything to the accordion. i.e. Heading, Paragraph, multiple Tables, Bold Text, Set alignment, Add Links, Add Images, Add Link on the added Images, and more.

You can manage product-wise faqs from the app's dashboard and can apply select faqs for all the products (globally).
1. Go to Apps And Open our and there you will see the Dashboard where all the products will appear (Only FAQ Added Products).

2. Detail To View Of Product FAQ In the manage section.

Set-up FAQ Anywhere On Store.

1. Go to a separate page faq page and create faq, that you wanted to show on any separate page.

1.1 Click on Separate Page Faq from sidebar
1.2 Add newFaq page

2. After creating faq page, let's add faqs on that page

1.3 Click on Add New Faq+ button to add faqs on that FAQs page.
1.4 After adding faqs, click on copy code button to copy the faqs page ID

To add faqs on any page, go to your theme and open customization.

go to the page where you wanted to place faq live above Screenshot.

2.1 Click on Add section button
2.2 Scroll down and look for Add Separate FAQ Data and click on that block

2.3 Paste the copied code here under the Add Separate Data block
2.4 Click on add block button to add multiple faqs page on the page

If Need Any customization or custom feature Just Drop Us a Mail at support@squadkin.com We will setup and customize as per your requirement. 🙂

FAQ and Troubleshooting

<div id="product-faqs-content" data-product-id="{{ product.id }}"></div>

Copy the Above code and Place that Code where you wanted to Show the product FAQs. See the Image for example.

If Need Any customization or custom feature Just Drop Us a Mail at support@squadkin.com We will setup and customize as per your requirement. 🙂

1. Advance FAQ is a feature provided in our app. It Creates a page called Advance FAQ in your store here you can add FAQs with multiple and unlimited categories and add the FAQs in the categories.

2. You have to enable the Advance FAQ Page to Access The page.

Go to Customization >> and enable the Advance FAQs option.

3. You can also change the FAQ title From the customization. 😀

Go To Customization there you will found the customizations.

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