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Compare product enables customer to make better choice. If your store has similar products which can make your customers confused to do right purchase, Then this is the app for you. Customers can compare products together at same place.

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Key Features

Why you use product compare app ? The Squadkin : Product Compare is for your shopify store, It will help your store visitors to become customer by clearing their thoughts and allow them to compare product with there choice.

Why you need to use this app? The store with the large collection of products or number of products in the store with similar features or price, so this Squadkin product compare app will help user to compare each and every product.Your customers can use this feature to compare similar products. Your customers will respect this facility and choose your store for all their future shopping. The convenience makes them come back for more.

Cross Sell Products By visiting their loved product and after adding to compare some of them, they will see some related product or recently viewed product below the product comparison list as CROSS PRODUCTS.It will helps the merchant as cross selling products which will appear at the bottom of the product compression list.

Here is everything about the app you might need to know,

✅ Compare Unlimited Products in single page.

✅ Related Products Below the Compare section in page.

✅ Admin Can customize and design direct from apps admin page

✅ Add product to compare from collection page

✅ Manage compare products with floating button at bottom

✅ beautiful Front end design and easy to install

Guide Center

Duplicate Theme

Duplicate live theme to create a backup copy since few snippets will automatically get created and added at your published theme during the installation process.

Rename your duplicate theme - This will help our experts locate your theme easily if it requires any further tweaking.

Set-up Squadkin ‑ Product Compare

Swipe the switch button in configuration page under basic setting section to enable the app.
Done check the product page you will see a add to compare button there.

Go To Configuration page in app's admin and click on Compare Button Position and select the position where you want to show the floating button.

Want to change compare page's heading, and other contents.
Go To Configuration tab and click on Customize Text Content

To Show the collection page add to compare button to direct add the product to compare Add the below Provided code in the snippet file of product's grid

in most of the themes the snippet named product-grid.liquid

<div class="sk-compare-product-grid" data-product-handle="{{ product.handle }}" ></div>

FAQ and Troubleshooting

If Need Any customization or custom feature Just Drop Us a Mail at support@squadkin.com We will setup and customize as per your requirement. 🙂



App Released

The Squadkin : Product Compare will help your store visitors to become customer by clearing their thoughts and allow them to compare product with there choice.