Squadkin ‑ Multi Wishlist App

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Let your customers create a wishlist or tag an item as a favorite to help organize their choices, share their gift ideas, and be able to come back at another time to continue to shop.

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Key Features

With the Multi Category option, The admin can allow customers to create unlimited categories for their wishlist, and the customer can add their product to the wishlist category, this feature is also available on the collection page. Admin can manage these feature settings from the app's customization section.

Here is everything about the app you might need to know,

✅ Admin can allow/disallow Guest User to use the wishlist.

✅ Admin can allow/disallow the customer from using Multi category features.

✅ Analytics-based Dashboard.

✅ Fully customizable options are available for the app.

✅ Add To Cart button on wishlist page with variants options.

✅ Custom CSS Option for design.

✅ 3 types of wishlist buttons for the Product Page.

✅ Alert Notification when users add or remove the product from their wishlist.

✅ 3 types of wishlist page redirection methods are available.

✅ Admin can view the top 10 wishlist products.

✅ Admin can view the top 10 wishlist users of the stores(Logged In Users).

✅ Works with any Shopify theme.

✅ Create unlimited Wishlists.

✅ 24x7 Online Support

Guide Center

Duplicate Theme

Duplicate live theme to create a backup copy since few snippets will automatically get created and added at your published theme during the installation process.

Rename your duplicate theme - This will help our experts locate your theme easily if it requires any further tweaking.

Set-up Squadkin ‑ Multi Wishlist

Enable the app from top right button or from the dashboard card.

You can visit the Wishlist page in two deferent method.

1. As a Floating Button
2. From header menu

You can change the button text of Wishlist before and after adding the Wishlist. See below screenshot for more.

You can design the button appearance and color from the configuration. See below screenshot for more.

We provides you Custom CSS option where you can change the app appearance and look as per your requirement.

Go To Themes and select Edit Code from the actions drop-down.

Find Code In Your Collection Template file, Where Your Product Grid Is Replicating.
Below image is my theme's collection.liquid file, in this file you can find that part where your product section is replicating.

Note: Collection template and grid depend on what theme you are using. if facing trouble then drop a mail at support@squadkin.com we will set up it for you.

Put Below Code In The Replicating Section.

<div class="sk-wishlist-data" data-product-id="{{ product.id }}" data-product-handle="{{ product.handle }}" ></div>

FAQ and Troubleshooting

If Need Any customization or custom feature Just Drop Us a Mail at support@squadkin.com We will setup and customize as per your requirement. 🙂



- App Released:

With the Multi-Category option, the admin can allow the customer to create a category for wishlist, and add their product to that wishlist category, this feature is also available on the collection page. Customers can create a number of categories. Admin can manage these feature settings from the app's customization section.


- Improved Speed and Added to change content Functionality, Bug fixed

* Now You can change the Wishlist heading and other Wishlist content as per your requirement.* Improved the app speed and functionality* Fixed flag notification background when add to Wishlist


- Improved Speed and Bug fixed

- Added Share wishlist Functionality

- Added remove product from wishlist after adding to cart from wishlist page functionality