5 Best Shopify Product Reviews Apps of 2024

Top 5 Best Product Reviews App in Shopify - Squadkin Technologies - 1

Trust between you and your customers has never been more important as it is right now in the fierce competition in the e-commerce industry. Customer reviews are one of the best ways. They provide much more than just social proof - reviews also help shoppers make more informed decisions before purchasing. Shopify has several apps that are intended to help store owners gather and view product reviews properly. In this article you will find the top 5 Product Reviews Apps for Shopify in 2024 and a special mention about our Product Reviews by Squadkin app which has ranked 1nd on our latest list.

1. Product Reviews by Squadkin

Top 5 Best Product Reviews App in Shopify - Squadkin Technologies - 1

Product Reviews by Squadkin  Shop is an app that will provide your Shopify store with seamless customer reviews and it has been intended to make it convenient for you to collect and showcase customer reviews. The app comes with a number of customizable and animated stars, that you can easily match with your branding.

Key Features:
  • Fully Customizable Review Widgets: you can fully customize the looks of your review, from colors to fonts to layouts, to ensure that they seamlessly blend with your store branding.
  • Photo reviews: This feature allows customers to submit photos with their reviews that further enhance social proofing and show products in more real-world examples to prospective buyers.
  • Verified Customer Flags: Flags reviews that are from verified customers are trusted and also give confidence to other customers.
  • Unlimited Reviews and Customers: You can collect reviews from an unlimited number of customers, and customers can leave as many reviews as they wish.
  • 24/7 Support: Receive help whenever you need it directly from our Squadkin support members.
  • Social Media: Share your reviews directly to social media so other people can see how great your products are
Why Choose Squadkin:

Great for merchants who want a more stylized approach to their reviews, like Squadkin's Product Reviews app Completely customizable review widgets to blend perfectly with your store designs Being able to use things such as photo reviews and verified customer flags greatly increases the trust factor with prospective buyers making this app a crucial tool for any Shopify Store.

2. Judge.me Product Reviews

Top 5 Best Product Reviews App in Shopify - Squadkin Technologies - 1

Judge. me is a popular Shopify product reviews app that is widely appreciated for it cost-effective and complete FREE features. More importantly, it enables store owners to gather and show reviews and ratings while organically driving up conversion rates and customer trust.

Key Features:
  • Unlimited Review Requests and Imports: Review Requests and Imports Going forward, you can judge any review request or import. It lets you send unlimited review requests to your customers and import reviews that you already have elsewhere.
  • In-email Review Forms: The email provides an option form for users to write a review by not opening their shop and making it easy to submit reviews.
  • Customizable Review Widgets: tailor the look of your review widgets to your store branding.
  • SEO Rich Snippets: Display reviews as SEO-optimized rich snippets in search results to improve visibility and click-through rate.
  • Automated Review Request Emails: Create automated email sequences that request a review from your customer upon purchase.
  • Language:Judge Long-term Support Multiple language support - good for international stores
Why Choose Judge.me:

Judge. What sets me apart is that there are lot of features in this that are provided at a budget price. Its in-email review forms and SEO tools enable this app to help you get more reviews and boost ratings in search engines. The shopping app supports multiple languages to cater to international stores as well.

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3. Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC

Top 5 Best Product Reviews App in Shopify - Squadkin Technologies - 1

Yotpo - All-in-One Product Reviews is a premium app for product reviews, photos, and user-generated content (UGC) to help you sell more products. Native integrations with other marketing tools make it an end-to-end solution for capturing and engaging your customers.

Key Features:
  • AI-powered Review Generation:Yotpo employs AI to assist customers in creating premium reviews.
  • Rich Snippet Reviews for SEO: Turn more surfers into customers by showing your store reviews/ratings inside Google search results, exposing the store to the large scale of new targeted visitors.
  • Social Media Integration: Syndicate reviews and UGC in social media to increase your store visibility online.
  • Customizable Review Request Emails: Tailor your review request emails to match your brand’s voice and style.
  • In-depth Analytics and Insights:Go deeper into customer sentiment and engagement using in-depth analytics.
  • Multi-channel Review Display: You can display reviews anywhere you can display content such as on your website, social media, in newsletters or email campaigns, or more.
Why Choose Yotpo:

Yotpo uses state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technology to automate the process of review collection and content creation. Ability to analyze your customer's behavior deeply and provide you with the right analytics to help you better your marketing techniques. You can display your reviews on multiple channels in the app so you get a lot of views.

4. Loox Photo Reviews

Top 5 Best Product Reviews App in Shopify - Squadkin Technologies - 1

Loox (review app for photo reviews - makes it easier for consumers to leave photo reviews and ultimately helps to make your product pages more visually appealing) User-generated content carousel to create social proof, which increases the trust of potential buyers in your products.

Key Features:
  • Photo & Video Reviews: customers can contribute photo and video reviews, increasing the quality of the content with visual reviews to help other shoppers with their decisions.
  • Review Request Emails: For the review request emails automatically email your customers asking for their ratings and receipts.
  • Branded Review Widgets:Match the look and feel of review widgets with your store aesthetics
  • Referral Program:  Get your customers to refer your reviews to their friends and family by offering referral rewards.
  • Rich Snippet Integrated: Reviews are displayed in the form of rich snippets which helps to enhance store SEO on search engine result pages.
Why Choose Loox:

If you're a merchant who wants to use visual content to inspire trust, and increase sales, then Loox is perfect for you! Photo and video reviews are possible to focus on to provide buyers with a better view of what the product looks like in real life. Loox is another good option for any Shopify store, as it also includes a referral program, and allows the creation of custom review widgets.

5. Stamped.io Product Reviews & UGC

Top 5 Best Product Reviews App in Shopify - Squadkin Technologies - 1

Stamped.io is an advanced product reviews app for capturing and showcasing your customer's reviews, star ratings, as well as user-generated content contributions. It works within a suite of marketing tools, allowing for a complete customer feedback management solution.

Key Features:
  • Automated Review Request Emails: Email directly with customers automatically requesting a review after their purchase.
  • Configurable review widgets:You can configure how review widgets should look like, so they fit well into your store's design.
  • SEO Rich Snippets: Display your reviews as rich snippets in search results to be more visible in a search engine.
  • Photo - video reviews: Shapeways Photo and Video Reviews: Customers can submit photo and video reviews, so other shoppers have more context, less opinion.
  • Social Media Integration: Share reviews and UGC to social media platforms to create a stronger online presence for your store.
  • Advanced analytics: Leverage rich analytics to see what customers are saying and how they are engaging.
Why Choose Stamped.io:

Stamped. Features - io ignores the mobile app offering and provides a comprehensive set of features to support effective customer review collection and display. This flexibility of UseReplay helps it cater to a wide range of Shopify stores by focusing on user-generated content and allows you to easily integrate just about every marketing tool in the shed. Additionally, the app has customizable review widgets and supports SEO which is a valuable feature for any merchant that wants to build trust and conversions.


To sum it up, your choice of product reviews app can matter a great deal when it comes to the success of your sales and developing customer trust in your Shopify store. All the apps mentioned above have their individual set of features and cater to different kinds of stores and business structures. Whether it be a top to bottom solution such as Squadkin Product Reviews, a photo-heavy app like Loox, or a option like, Yotpo you have options in product reviews.

You could add any of these highest-rated apps to your Shopify store in order to collect their feedback, develop their social proof, and subsequently increase their sales as a result. Remember that it always depends on your needs so you have to decide for yourself and use the free trials to decide which app will be the best fit for your store.

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